Meet The Expert - CCRA

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee, with pleasure, we welcome you to attend Case Conference of Regional Anesthesia (CCRA) 2019-Finding the good in the midst of the bad : Learning from the adverse effect of anesthesia, which will be held in Aston Hotel and Convention Center Semarang on March 31st – April 3rd 2019. This prestigious event is supported by PERDATIN Central Java. CCRA 2019 consists of symposiums and workshops with comprehensive topics and attractively packaged. These sessions will provide opportunities not only to renew and inspire the colleagues' scientific knowledge at all, but also actively discuss various issues in the field of regional anesthesia . Anesthesiology, not only about providing good sedation, relaxation and analgesia, but also must think further especially future impacts.

Hopefully this symposium and workshop expanding our knowledge in the field of anesthesia to provide a better managementanesthesia inthefuture.

Visite our website : MTE - CCRA 2019

Warm regards,

dr. Doso Sutiyono, Sp.An, MARS, KAR