No. Judul Penulis Penerbit Tahun Rak Link Download
1 Critical Care, Trauma, and Emergency Pain Management Liza Marmo Springer Download
2 Critical Care Notes Janis Jones F.A. Davis Company 2015 Download
3 Critical care medicine principles and management in adult Parrillo Elsevier Saunders 2014 Download
4 Critical Care Medicine At a Glance Leach Wiley-Blackwell 2014 Download
5 Critical Care Handbook of The Massachusetts General Hospital Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish Wolters-Kluer 2016 Download
6 Critical Care Emergency Medicine David A. Farcy Mc Graw Hill 2011 Download
7 Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation David W. Chang Delmar 2014 Download
8 Anaesthesia, Pharmacology, Intensive Care and Emergency Antonnio Gullo Springer 2014 Download
9 2015 Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine J.L Vincent Springer 2015 Download
10 Acute Nephrology for Critical Care Physician Heleen M. Oudemans-Van Straaten Springer Download
11 Acute and Critical Care Formula and Laboratory Values Joseph Varon Springer 2014 Download
12 Oxford Textbook of Anesthesia for The Elderly Patien Chris Dodds Oxford University Press 2014 Download
13 Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care Jay A. Yelon Springer 2014 Download
14 Handbook of Surgical Intensive Care Clary Mosby 2000 Download
15 Common Surgical Disease Theodore J. Sacralides Springer 2015 Download
16 Critical Care Intravenous Infusion Handbook Garry J. Algozzine Mosby Elsevier 2013 Download
17 Pharmacotherapy Handbook Barbara G. Whells Mc Graw Hill 2009 Download
18 Pharmacology of Anesthesia and Intensive Care T.E. Pack Cambridge University Press 2014 Download
19 Modern Anesthetics Jurgen Schuttler Springer 2008 Download
20 Meyler's Side Effect of Drugs Used in Anesthesia J.K Aronson Springer 2009 Download
21 Comparative Pharmacology for Anaestheitist Armeen Ahmed Jaypee 2008 Download
22 Handbook of Local Anesthesia Stanley F. Malamed Elsevier 2013 Download
23 Emergency Sedation and Pain Management John H. Burton Cambridge University Press 2015 Download
24 Disaster and Emergency Management System Tony Moore British Standard 2008 Download
25 Current Diagosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine C. Keith Stone Mc Graw Hill 2011 Download
26 Code Blue Beside Procedures and Critical Information Rahul Jandial CRC Press 2013 Download
27 Case Files Emergency Medicine Toy Mc Graw Hill 2012 Download
28 Anesthesia Emergencies Keith J. Ruskin Oxford University Press 2011 Download
29 Crisis Management in Anesthesiology David M. Gaba Elsevier Saunders Download
30 A Practical Approach to Anesthesia for Emergency Surgery Manju N Gandhi Jaypee 2011 Download
31 Complication in Regional Anesthesia Brenden T. Finucane Springer 2007 Download
32 Complication in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Joseph M. Neal Elsevier Saunders 2007 Download
33 Complication and Mishaps in Anesthesia Matthias Hubler Springer 2014 Download
34 Stoelting's Anesthesia and Co-existing Disease Roberta L. Hines Elsevier Saunders 2012 Download
35 Handbook for Stoelting,s Anesthesia and Co-existing Disease Roberta L. Hines Elsevier Download
36 The ESC Textbook of Intensive and Acute Cardiovascular Care Marco Tubaro Oxford University Press 2015 Download
37 Ventricular Tachicardy/Fibrillation ablation Andrea Natale Blackwell Publishing 2009 Download
38 Postoperative Critical Care for Cardiac Surgical Patient Ali Dabbagh Springer 2014 Download
39 Perioperative Consederation in Cardiac Surgery Cuneyt Narin Intech 2012 Download
40 Manual of Perioperative Care in Adult Cardiac Surgery Robert M. Bojar Wiley Blackwell 2011 Download
41 Drugs for the heart Lionel H. Opie Elsevier Saunders 2013 Download
42 Cardiac Intensive Care 2nd Edition Allen Jeremias Elsevier Saunders 2010 Download
43 A practical approach to cardiac anesthesia Frederick A. Hansley Lippincott William and Wilkins 2013 Download
44 The Anaesthesia Guide Arthur Athcabahian Mc Graw Hill 2013 Download
45 Respiratory Pathophysiology John B. West Lippincott William and Wilkins 2013 Download
46 Learning and Teaching Tools for Basic and Clinical Respiratory Physiology Kin Kheong MAh Springer 2015 Download
47 Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology Kim A. Barret Mc Graw Hill 2012 Download
48 Decision Making in Spinal Care D.Greg Anderson Thieme 2013 Download
49 Concise Anatomy of Ananesthesia Andreas Eardmann Greenwich Medical Media 2001 Download
50 Clinical Anatomy of The Spine, Spinal cord and ANS Gregory D. Cramer Elsevier 2014 Download
51 Anatomy for Anaesthetists Harrold Ellis Wiley Blackwell 2014 Download
52 Highlight of the 2015 AHA guideline for CPR and ECC AHA highlight project team American Heart Association 2015 Download
53 emergency airway management Jonatan Benger Cambridge University Press 2008 Download
54 Airway Management in Emergencies Geogre Kovacs, J.Adam Laws Mc Graw Hill 2008 Download
55 Handbook of Blood Gas/Acid Base Interpretation Ashfaq Hasan Springer 2009 Download
56 Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy Iain A M Hannessey Elsevier 2015 Download
57 The Requisities: Ambulatory Anesthesia Scott R. Springman 2006 Download
58 Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy for Orthopaedic Anesthesia André P. Boezaart Elsevier Inc. 2008 - Download
59 Atlas of Regional Anesthesia David L. Brown Saunders Comp 1992 Download
60 Decision Making in pain Management, 2nd edition Somayaji Ramamuth, et al Mosby 2006 Download
61 The Requisities Vascular Anesthesia Jacqueline M. Leung Mosby 2004 Download
62 Emergency Medicine Procedures Vol I & II Eric F. Reichman, Robert R. Simon McGraw Hill 2004 Download
63 Texbook of Regional Anesthesia P. Prithvi Raj Churcill Livingstone 2002 Download
64 Regional Anesthesia: The Requities in Anesthesiology Roberta L. Hines Mosby 2004 Download
65 Complication of regional Aneshesia Brendan T. Finucane Churcill Livingstone 1999 Download
66 Regional Anesthesia in Children Claude Saint-Maurice, Ottheinz Schultz-Steinberg Churcill Livingstone 1990 Download
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68 Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia (3rd edition) David J. Steward Churcill Livingstone Download
69 Pediatric Anesthesia: Principles and Practice Part 2 Bruno Bissonnete, Bernard J. Dalens McGraw Hill 2002 Download
70 Pediatric Anesthesia: Principles and Practice Part 1 Bruno Bissonnete, Bernard J. Dalens McGraw Hill 2002 Download
71 Peripheral Nerve Block and Peri-operative Pain Relieve Jack Barret Saunders 2004 Download
72 The Pain Clinic Manual (2nd edition) Stephen E. Abram, J. David Haddox Lippincot William and Wilkins Download
73 Textbook of Neuroanesthesia with Neurosurgical and Neuroscience Perspective Maurice S. Albin McGraw Hill 1997 Download
74 Anesthesia and Neurosurgery (4th edition) James E. Cottrell, David S. Smith Mosby 2001 Download
75 the Neuroanesthesia Handbook David J. Stone, Richard J. Sperry, Joel O. Johnson Mosby 1995 Download
76 Basic physics and Measurement in Anesthesia Paul D. Davis, Gavin N. Ckenny Buttenworth Heinemann Download
77 Anaesthesia and Emergency Situations: A Management Guide Gajinder Oberoi, Garry philips McGraw Hill 2001 Download
78 Emergency Medicine Pretest Self-Assesment and Review, 2nd edition Koening K L American Collage Emergency Physicians 1999 Download
79 Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 5th edition Cline DM, et al McGraw Hill 2000 Download
80 Essential aof Anaesthetic Equipment Baha Al Shaikh, Simon Stacey Churcill Livingstone 2002 Download
81 Anesthesia and Emergency Situation: A management Guide Gajinder Oberoi, Garry pjilips McGraw Hill 2000 Download
82 Oh's Intensive Care Manual (5th edition) Andrew D. Bersten, Neil Soni Buttenworth Heinemann 2003 Download
83 Text of Critical Care Vol 2 (5th edition) Mitchell P. Fink, Edward Abraham, Jean Louis Vincent, Patrick M. Kochanek Elsevier Saunders 2005 Download
84 Text of Critical Care Vol 1 (5th edition) Mitchell P. Fink, Edward Abraham, Jean Louis Vincent, Patrick M. Kochanek Elsevier Saunders 2005 Download
85 Text of Critical Care Vol 1 (4th edition) Ake Grenvik, Stephen M. Ayres, Peter R. Holbrook, William C. Shoemaker W.B. Saunders Company 2000 Download
86 Text of Critical Care Vol 2 (4th edition) Ake Grenvik, Stephen M. Ayres, Peter R. Holbrook, William C. Shoemaker W.B. Saunders Company 2000 Download
87 Saunders Manual of Critical Care James A. Kruse, Mitchell P. Fink, Richard W. Carlson Saunders 2003 Download
88 Principles of Critical Care (2nd edition) Jesse B. Hall McGraw Hill 1999 Download
89 Lange: Current Critical Care Diagnosis and Treatment Frederic S. Bongard McGraw Hill 2002 Download
90 AACN Prosedure Manual of Critical Care Debra J. Lynn-McHale, Karen K. Carlson W.B. Saunders Company 2001 Download
91 AACN Handbook of Critical Care Nursing Marriane Chulay Cathie Guzzetta, Barbara Dossey 1996 Download
92 The Intensive Care Manual Michael J. Apostolacos, Peter J. Papadokos McGraw Hill 2001 Download
93 Care of Critically Ill Patien in The Tropics and Sub-tropics David A.K. Watters, Lain H. Wilson, Richard J. Leaver, Antonia Baghshawe Mac Millan 1991 Download
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95 Guidlines for Critical Care Nursing Nancie A. Urban Mosby 1995 Download
96 Handbook of Mechanical Ventilatory Support (2nd edition) M. Christine Stock, Azriel Parel William and Wilkins 1997 Download
97 Safe Anesthesia Lucille Bartholomeus Lucille Bartholomeus 1996 Download
98 Complication in Anesthesiology (2nd edition) Nikolaus Gravensten Lippincot Raven 1996 Download
99 Evidance-Based Practice of Anesthesiology Lee A. Fleisher Elsevier .inc 2004 Download
100 Fundamental of Anatomy and Physiology (7th edition) Frederic H. Martini Pearson 2006 Download
101 Anesthesia (5th edition) vol 2 (A) Ronald E. Miller Churcill Livingstone 2000 Download
102 Anesthesia (5th edition) vol 1 (A) Ronald E. Miller Churcill Livingstone 2000 Download
103 Physiologic and Pharmacologic Bases of Anesthesia Vincen J. Collins Williams and Wilkins 1996 Download
104 Pharmachology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, 3rd edition Robert K. Stoelting Lippincort -Raven Publisher 1999 Download
105 Anesthetic Pharmacology:Physiologic Principle and Clinical Practice - Churchill Livingstone 2003 Download
106 Lange: Basic of Medical Physiology - Mc Graw Hill 2003 Download
107 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology ninth edition - Mc Graw Hill 1992 Download
108 Kumpulan Naskah Ilmiah Kongres Nasional IV Perhimpunan Kedokteran Gawat Darurat Indonesia Perhimpunan Kedokteran Gawat Darurat Indonesia 1992 5 Download
109 Introduction to Anesthesia eighth edition David E. Longnecker W.B Saunders Company 1992 5 Download
110 Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery James A. Dinardo Appleton & Lange 1990 5 Download
111 Perioperative Fluid Therapy Hahn et all 2.4 Download
112 Adult Perioperative Anesthesia - Mosby 2.4 Download
113 Handbook of Local Anesthesia 5th edition Malamed 2.4 Download
114 Fetal and Neonatal Brain Injury 4th edition Stevenson et all 2.4 Download
115 Pediatric Critical Care 4th edition Furhman - 2.4 Download
116 Anesthesia For Infants and Children; 8th edition - - 2.4 Download
117 Anesthesia (3rd edition) vol 1 Ronald E. Miller Churcill Livingstone 1999 Download
118 Anesthesia (3rd edition) vol 2 Ronald E. Miller Churcill Livingstone 1999 Download
119 Clinical Anesthesia; Barash Cullen, Stoelting Cahalan - 2.4 Download
120 Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy For Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia - Mc Graw Hill 2.4 Download
121 Procedures Techniques and Minimally Invasive Monitoring in Intensive Care Meidicine 4th edition - - 2.4 Download
122 Neuroanesthesia 5th edition Contrell et all Mosby 2.4 Download
123 Anesthesia For Congenital Heart Disease 2nd edition Blackwell 2.4 Download
124 Persistent Pain : Modern Methods and Treatment - - Download
125 Pedoman Pelayanan Anestesiologi dan Reanimasi di RS - - 1.4 Download
126 Respiratory Physiology; West 1.4 Download
127 Geriatric Anesthesia; C. R. Stephen 1.4 Download
128 Obstetric Analgesia and Anesthesia; John J. Benica 1.4 Download
129 The Surgical Clinics of North America; Harry Wollmer 1.4 Download
130 Hospital Design and Function; E. Todd Wheeler 1.4 Download
131 Manual of Preoperati and Postoperative Care - - 1.4 Download
132 Standard Keterampilan Klinis - - 1.4 Download
133 Kumpulan Naskah Lengkap Kongres Perinasia I - - 1.4 Download
134 A Primer of Electrocardiography; 6th edition - - 1.4 Download
135 An Intoduction to Electrocardiography; Schamroth Schamroth 1.4 Download
136 Critical Care Meidicine - - 1.4 Download
137 The Critical Ill Child Diognosis anf Management; Smith Smith 1.4 Download
138 General Anesthesia; vol.1 - - 1.4 Download
139 Anesthesia and Neurosurgery James E. Cottrel 1.4 Download
140 The Unique Problem of Intensive Care - - 1.4 Download
141 Care of The Newborn Screine Screine 1.4 Download
142 Clinical Heart Disease 5th edition Levine 1.4 Download
143 AIDS : Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention - - 1.4 Download
144 Diagnostic Pointers in Clinical Electrocardiography - - 1.4 Download
145 Obstetrics Anesthesia, The Complicated Patient 2nd edition - - 1.4 Download
146 Head Injury Paul R. Cooper et all 1.4 Download
147 Trauma Protocols, Damage Control Surgery USC LACS USC LACS 1.4 Download
148 Anesthesia at the District Hospital Michael B. Dobson 1.4 Download
149 Primary Anesthesia Maurice H. King Maurice H. King 1.4 Download
150 Dasar-dasar Ilmu Keperawatan 1Weitzel et all 1.4 Download
151 Critical Care Secrets 3rd edition Polly E. Parson et all 1.3 Download
152 Intensive Care Therapeutics Civetta Civetta 1.3 Download
153 Current Critical Care, Diagosis and Treatment 2nd edition Lange Lange 1.3 Download
154 Physiology in Health and Disease 5th edition Wiggers 1.3 Download
155 Critical Care Secrets 3rd edition Hanley and Belfus 1.3 Download
156 Handbook of Intensive Care WH Bain et all 1.3 Download
157 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology ninth edition Bertram G. Katzung Mc Graw Hill 2005 5 Download
158 Recent Advanced in Intensive Therapy Ledingham 1.3 Download
159 Obstetrics Intensive Care Manual Folley et all Mc Graw Hill 1.3 Download
160 Blood Purification in Intensive Care Ronco et all Karger 1.3 Download
161 Principles of Clinical Electrocardiography 10th Edition MJ Goldman 1.3 Download
162 General Urology 9th Edition Smith 1.3 Download
163 Current Obstetric and Gynecologic Diagnosis and Treatment Benson 1.3 Download
164 Oxford Textbook of Medicine Weatherall et all Oxford 1.3 Download
165 Morgan Clinical Anesthesiology John F. Butterworth IV, MD McGraw-Hill Education 2013 Download
166 Textbook of Critical Care Shoemaker et all 1.3 Download
167 Anesthesiology 1 Longnecker et all Mc Graw Hill 1.3 Download