InaSNACC - SOAC Symposium

The current era of the COVID pandemic encourages medical doctors to keep up to date their knowledges in supporting daily medical services. The development of technology today makes it easier for us to share information of medical sciences and experiences through virtual meetings without having to meet face to face Some complications of anesthesia end with fatal or near fatal condition, especially in managing neurosurgery patients Good perioperative care plays an important role to prevent complications To prevent an error is to practice the motto “be prepare” And we become prepared by educating ourselves and by ensuring that all necessary equipment and personnel are available The 15 th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care (INA SNACC) and 7 th Joint Symposium of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care ( Indonesia Singapore in conjunction with 6 th Biennial Symposium of Anesthesia Complication ( give you the opportunity to share the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm generated by various topics presented by a line up of highly esteemed international and local speakers who will bring us insights on the importance of every essential part of perioperative to manage complications, also give us the best and up to date knowledge and practice on the latest issues in Neuroanesthesia Anesthesiology in general, Emergency and Critical Care