Indoanesthesia 2019

Dear Distinguished Colleagues, 

We are excited to present the 16th Indoanesthesia Meeting 2019. This event will be held on February 20th-23rd, 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

This meeting would like to highlight recent advances, including techniques, knowledge, and researches, in the area of anesthesia. Medicine always continues to evolve with the development of new equipment, algorithms, drugs and adaptation of new concepts. As the health professionals, we must practice with update knowledge and training. Through this meeting, we wish the workshops, lectures, and discussions will be worthwhile for the participants and academic community and we are honored to have you with us next years.

Next year's collaboration has created a whole another level of excitement in this meeting we have invited many distinguished speakers who excel at their areas of expertise and working groups to share their knowledge and experience in anesthesia. 

 We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all future participants, financial sponsors, exhibitors, and all the committee members who will make this Indoanesthesia Meeting 2018 successful. Whit these strong supports, we are sure that this meeting will be beneficial and fruitful to all the participants. thanks you and see you in Jakarta. 

Warm regards, 

Susilo Chandra, MD, FRCA