Workshop on Liquid Therapy

In an effort to increase knowledge about fluid delivery in critical patients, the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy in collaboration with Perdatin Branch Yogyakarta and PT BBraun Indonesia held a Workshop on Fluid Therapy in Critical Patients. As a speaker at the event is dr. Ahmad Yun Jufan SpAn, KIC and Dr. Proffesor. Dietmar Fries.

The event which was held in Lecture Room of Department of Anesthesia was attended by anesthesiologist doctors of Perdatin Branch of Yogyakarta, anesthesiology department staff, participants of Anesthesiology Specialist Doctoral Program of UGM Medical Faculty and young doctors. The event was opened by department heads who conveyed the importance of self-development for each individual either through formal education channels or through seminars and CME. This workshop took PT BBraun which presented Prof. Dietmar Fries from Austria who has more than 15 years of experience in the management of critical patients, with the material "Balans Solution in Critical Ill Patient".

This self-development workshop is accredited by IDI, making it useful for all participants as evidence of self-development.