Keeping the Heart and Providing with Taqwa

FK-UGM. Vice Dean for Finance, Asset and HR today released six candidates for hajj staff and lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine UGM. For approximately forty days the pilgrims together with other pilgrims focus on worshiping Allah SWT. Leaving the family and work during the Faculty of Medicine UGM. In addition to worship health care is also important for prospective pilgrims, such as a message delivered dr. Mahardika in his speech.

"Four things that Hajj pilgrims need to pay attention to are biological-psycho-socio-spiritual," said Dr. Dr. Zaenal Muttaqien in his presentation to the candidate Hajj pilgrims from the Faculty of Medicine UGM. What are the biological-psycho-socio-spirituality in question? 1. Biology, always maintaining health by drinking lots of water and often bathing without the need to use soap and without needing to be dried afterwards. Because temperatures in Mecca are so high then many liquids will disappear in the body. 2. Psychological, cheer and always thank God, always always closer to God. Keep the hearts of all negative thoughts, keep the mouths of speeches that provoke sin and quarrels. 3. Social, with a happy heart, gratitude to Allah SWT then the relationship with others to be better. 4. Spriritual, fill the heart with taqwa, with taqwa then the pilgrimage will be comfortable. "Eliminate the fear or anxiety, calm the heart, and multiply zikr and istiqfar," dr. Zaenal who is also a guide pilgrims Hajj.

"We thank you for being given permission to practice worship for about 40 days in the holy land of Mecca. Please keridhoan Mr / Ms in replacing our routines and tasks for this, may be a reward for you / Mother. Keridhoan Mr / Ms to smooth us in running the worship during the holy land, "said dr. Widya Wasityastuti, M.Sc., Ph.D when giving speech as a representative of hajj candidates. "We apologize for any mistakes and mistakes we have made," he added. (Dian / IRO)