Workshop Redesign Clinical Rotation Anestesi

In the framework of clinical rotation arrangement in the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, Medical Faculty Study Program of Gadjah Mada University held a redesign clinical rotation workshop. The workshop was held at Royal Ambarukmo Hotel on 13 August 2017.

In his speech, the head of the doctor's study program, presented by Dr. Yuda Patria SpA said that: one of the leading charge in the doctor's program is the handling of emergency and disaster. Emergency learning program is implemented starting in the fourth year with "Block D.1". This learning is followed by training on "acute life treat- ment emergency management (ALTEM)" which was held before the internship.

From the workshop it was agreed that redesign clinical rotation during the stasis in anesthesia was done with "simulation base", here the students will be equipped with emergency obstetrical knowledge with a comprehensive case simulation system with mannequin interactively. With this method other than a young doctor get a case simulation with a mannequin device, also practice in the patient during the stasis. Cases not encountered in the stages will be simulated with simulation tools in the Department of Anesthesia.