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Symposium : The Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta

a. USG Guided Vascular Access ~ 24th August 2018
b. USG Approach for Pain ~ 24th August 2018
c. Percutaneous Dilational Tracheostomy ~ 23rd– 24th August 2018
d. Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) ~ 24th Augustus, 2018
e. Emergency Airway Breathing Management (for GP) ~ 27rd– 29th August 2018

a. Cardiovascular Anesthesia ~ 23rd– 24th August 2018
b. AOCC (Anesthesia Obstetric Critical Care) ~ 23rd– 24th August 2018 c. Mechanical Ventilation ~ 23rd– 24th August 2018
d. Regional Anesthesia ~ 23rd - 24th August 2018

SOAC 5th Annual Symposium (Scientific Topics)

a . Enchanced recovery after surgery
b . Intensive care
c . Neuroanesthesia
d . Obstetric anesthesia
e . Pediatric anesthesia
f . Cardiovascular anesthesia
g . Regional anesthesia
h . Acute and chronic pain management i . National health insurance system

Medical & Scientific Exhibition
Scientific exhibition on 25th– 26th August 2018 including the latest
technology, equipment for clinical management & pharmaceutical products and literature Companies Interest in participating in the exhibition can request more information and order forms from secretariat

E-Poster & Free Paper Contest
Will be held 25th– 26th August. Participants are invited to submit E- Poster and free paper. E-Poster and free paper should be submitted in English Presentation, only for a registered participant. E-poster and free paper will not be processed until the registration fee have been received and acknowledged.

Family Gathering and Social Activities (alumni meeting)