Daya Guna Pethidin 0,1 Mg/Kgbb dan 0,2 Mg/Kgbb Intrathekal sebagai Adjuvant Bupivakain 0,5% 10 Mg dalam Mencegah Shivering pada Sectio Cesaria

Background. Shivering-related spinal anesthesia is commonly occured and uncomfortable for patient, and related to some complication. The efficacy of pethidine in prevention of shivering is well known. The aim of this study was to compare effectivity of intrathecal pethidine 0.1 mg/kg and 0.2 mg/kg as prevention drug of shivering after spinal anesthesia in cesarean delivery. Method. This is a randomized, double-blind controlled trial study. Subject were 196 parturients, age between 18-40 years old, ASA I-II, 37-42 weeks of pregnancy, 40-70 kg body weight (Body Mass Index < 30 kg/m2), and >145 cm of height who underwent cesarean delivery and devided in two groups. Each subject in this study recieved spinal anesthesia, group A (n=98) for hyperbaric bupivacaine (0.5%; 10 mg) and pethidine 0.1 mg/kg and group B (n=98) for hyperbaric bupivacaine (0.5% 10 mg) and pethidine 0.2 mg/kg in the same volume (2.5ml). Result. Generally, there was no difference between groups with regard to demographic data, temperature of operation room, sensory blocked level and duartion of surgery (p>0.05), except in height and systolic blood pressure. The incidence of shivering in group a is greater than group B (35.71% vs 22:44%). There was asignificant difference in incidence of shivering in group A than in group B (p>0.05). Conclusion. The incidence of nausea and vomiting in group A was less than depression and pruritus in this study.

Pendahuluan. Shivering akibat anestesi spinal merupakan kejadian yang sering dijumpai dan dapat memberikan dampak yang kurang baik bagi pasien. Berbagai macam obat telah dihunakan untuk mencegah dan memberikan terapi shivering. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk membandingkan daya guna pemberian pethidin 0,1 mg/kg dan 0,2 mg/kg intrathekal dalam mencegah shivering setelah anestesi spinal pada operasi seksio sesaria. Metode dan Penelitian. Rancangan penelitian ini adalah Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) dengan pembutaan ganda. Subyek penelitian dilakukan pada 196 wanita hamil, usia 18-40 tahun, status fisik ASA I dan II, umur kehamilan 37-42 mg, berat badan 40-70 kg (indeks masa tubuh < 30 kg/m2), tinggi badan > 145 cm yang menjalani operasi seksio sesaria dengan anestesi spinal, yang dibagi dalam 2 kelompok. Dilakukan anestesi spinal menggunakan bupivakain hiperbarik (0,5% 10mg), pethidin 0,1 mg/kg pada kelompok A, dan pethidin 0,2 mg/kg pada kelompok B dalam volume yang sama yakni 2,5 ml. Hasil. Data demografi, suhu ruang operasi, ketinggian blok, dan lama operasi secara umum tidak didapatkan perbedaan yang bermakna antara kedua kelompok (p>0,05), kecuali pada tinggi badan dan tekanan sistolik (p<0,05). Kejadian shivering pada kelompok A dibanding kelompok B didapatkan perbedaan yang bermakna (35,71%) vs 22,44%; p<0,05). Kejadian efek samping mual muntah pada kelompok A lebih kecil dibandingkan kelompok B (8,33% vs 22,45%) (p<0,05). Kesimpulan. Tidak didapatkan efek samping depresi pernapasan dan pruritus dalam penelitian ini.


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    2022-04-30 10:11:04
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    2022-04-30 10:10:55
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    2022-04-30 10:10:49
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    2022-04-30 09:44:20
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    2022-04-30 09:44:08
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    2022-04-30 09:39:11
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    2022-04-30 08:51:54
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    2022-04-30 08:51:36
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    2022-04-30 07:53:53
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    2022-04-30 07:53:32
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    2022-04-30 06:33:37
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    2022-04-30 06:33:24
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    2022-04-30 02:47:52
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    2022-04-30 02:24:32
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    2022-04-30 02:24:21
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    2022-04-30 02:00:41
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    2022-04-30 02:00:26
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    2022-04-30 01:21:47
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    2022-04-30 01:21:39
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  • Eugenio

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    2022-04-30 01:21:25
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    2022-04-30 00:27:47
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    2022-04-29 23:23:57
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    2022-04-29 23:23:49
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    2022-04-29 23:23:41
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    2022-04-29 23:23:29
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    2022-04-29 23:23:21
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    2022-04-29 19:14:37
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    2022-04-29 19:14:24
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  • Refugio

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    2022-04-29 18:58:39
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    2022-04-29 18:58:30
  • Sheldon

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    2022-04-29 18:58:22
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    2022-04-29 18:58:15
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    2022-04-24 21:40:07
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    2022-04-24 14:46:18
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    2022-04-24 12:59:14
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    2022-04-24 06:20:41
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    2022-04-24 06:20:26
  • Kristopher

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    2022-04-24 02:30:46
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    2022-04-24 02:30:39
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    2022-04-23 23:00:34
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    2022-04-23 18:22:18
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    2022-04-23 15:30:30
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    2022-04-23 15:30:17
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    2022-04-19 08:44:40
  • johnansaz

    2022-04-18 04:22:07
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    2022-04-13 15:24:45
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    2022-04-13 15:24:38
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    2022-04-13 11:35:22
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  • Melvin

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    2022-04-13 09:22:23
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